Sales Team
Sales manager
Name: Venus Ding

Work experience: 16 years

Annual sales: more than $10 million

Skills and Specialties: to analyze market trends and competition to provide data support for the development 2. Good at developing new markets, able to deeply understand customer needs and provide personalized solutions. to establish good relationships with customers, solve problems and achieve win-win cooperation.

4. Good at leading the team to work together to achieve common goals.

Fairy Zeng

Email   Phone Number:+86 15813416471

Work experience: 10 years

Annual sales: more than $5 million

Skills and Specialties:

1.Lead and motivate a team of sales representatives to achieve and exceed sales targets

2.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

3.Proven track record of achieving and exceeding sales targets

4.Build and maintain strong relationships with new and old customers, help many customers to complete the project, to achieve win-win cooperation

毕业于某某轻工业学院学院  年龄34  从事设计行业3年擅长风格:简约风格  简欧风格  实用主义。家具设计师是根据室内空间的使用性质,所处环境和要求,结合制造工艺及美学原理,设计各类家具产品的专业设计人员。
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